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Shipping Infomation of Saw Palmetto

The Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company ships saw palmetto berries around the world. For U.S. orders, we quote the price of berries per. lb. plus shipping. The customer may request a specific means of shipment or we can make suggestions on the best price and most efficient form available.

For international shipments we quote the price of berries by the kilo which includes the cost of freight to the U.S. shipping port. The purchaser is then responsible for paying the ocean freight and any duties at their port side. When sending an order by ship, we will send 75lb. (34 Kg) bags of berries and place on pallets unless otherwise specified. A cargo container on a ship will hold up to 40,000 lbs (18,160 Kg) of berries.

If the berries are being shipped to an extract plant, we suggest you get a price quote on coarse ground berries. With the currency rate as it is this year, our labor tends to be a little less than European or Japanese and we can probably save you some money because we grind the berries ourselves.