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Comprehensive Customs Formula Sheet

Product Name: Saw Palmetto Extract 320mg Softgels

Formula per unit:

Ingredients mg. per Softgel % w/w
Active Ingredients in descending order by Category
Saw Palmetto 85-95% Extract provides:

Fatty Acids

Oleic Acid blank 29.80%
Lauric Acid blank 29.50%
Myristic Acid blank 11.40%
Palmitic Acid blank 7.94%
Linoleic Acid blank 4.54%
Capric Acid blank 2.88%
Caprylic Acid blank 2.33%
Caproic Acid blank 1.88%
Stearic Acid blank 1.67%
Linoleinic Acid blank 0.71%
Fatty Acid Total blank 92.60%


Beta-Sitosterol blank 0.14%
Campesterol blank 0.04%
Stigmasterol blank 0.02%
Sterol Total blank 0.20%

Fatty Alcohols

Octacosanol blank 0.15%
Hexacosanol blank 0.02%
Triacontanol blank 0.02%
Fatty Alcohol Total

Miscellaneous Plant Materials

Plant Fiber blank blank
Fructose blank blank
Miscellaneous Plant Oils blank blank
Total Saw Palmetto 320 mg 99%


dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Antioxidant) 3.2 mg 1%


None 0 0
Total Ingredients 323.2 100%

Softgel Composition

Gelatin bovine (USP-Kosher certified) 96 mg _Row_7_Cell_3_
Glycerin (USP-Kosher certified) 38 mg _Row_8_Cell_3_
Purified Water 17 mg _Row_9_Cell_3_
Total Weight of Softgel component 151 mg 100%
Total Weight of Ingredients & Softgel 474.2 100%