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Saw Palmetto Introduction

Saw Palmetto, whose botanical name is Serenoa Repens, is a small, low-growing, dwarf-palm tree native to southeastern North America, particularly Florida. The Saw Palmetto plant produces berries, which when ripe in August to September each fall, are a bright orange to purple, almost black ovate, 3 cm long, 1 seeded berry, rich in fatty acids and phytosterols.

The reported benefits of Saw Palmetto can be traced back centuries where the aborigines of Florida depended upon the berries as a staple food item and was included in the Indian medicine mans array of healing herbs. In a book titled "Saw Palmetto", written by Edwin M, Hale, M.D. (1898) and published by Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia, he describes the medicinal value of Saw Palmetto as tinctures of the berries (fruits) and crushed seeds. Saw Palmetto was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) from 1906-1916. During this time period, Lilly & Company set up a collecting and drying station in Vero Beach, Florida where people could pick the berries and sell them to Lilly and Company. Saw Palmetto was listed in the National Formulary (NF) from 1926-1950. Saw Palmetto was again listed in the United States Pharmacopia(USP) in 1994.

Saw Palmetto is classified as a dietary supplement in the United States and falls under FDA regulations pursuant to the Dietary supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). The act restricts claims that Saw Palmetto can be used to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition, because only a drug can legally make such a claim. Nor, can we use clinical studies that suggest Saw Palmetto may aid in the treatment, cure, or prevention of a disease or condition. FDA regulates what claims can be made on a label, including any advertising including web sites such as this one. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates advertising of Saw Palmetto and other dietary supplements in infomercials.

Saw Palmetto Processing

When the Saw Palmetto berries are ripe in August or September of each year they will contain 10-15% fatty acids. The ripe berries are collected and bought to sites that purchase them by the pound from the pickers much as Lilly & Company did in the early 1900's. The Saw Palmetto berries are dried in dryers much like tobacco leaves are. In fact, some companies use tobacco dryers to dry the berries. Once the berries are dried to a moisture content of 5-6% moisture content, they are tumbled over a screen type system, with forced air blowing thru them to remove leaves, and unwanted trash, much like soy beans are cleaned. They can then be put into bags or containers and stored for further processing.

The dried Saw palmetto berries are then processed, and the first step is grinding the berries. If the manufacturer of dietary supplement needs powder for capsules or tablets, it is ground very fine, usually by means of a cyogenic grinder where the saw palmetto berries are frozen to a minus 200 degress .F or more and run thru a hammer mill or pulveriser to a very fine powder. The powder can then be sterilized by various means.

If the manufacturer requires the liquid extract, the berries are crushed or ground into small particals to make the extraction process easier. Extraction can be done by using a alcohol solvent, or a super critical fluid such as hexane or carbon dioxide. Today, most saw palmetto extract is produced using super critical carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide becomes a super critical fluid (air-liquid mixture) when compressed to 79 atm at 31C temperature. When the liquid Carbon Dioxide passes thru the chambers holding the crush saw palmetto berries, the fatty acid and phytosterols are extracted from the raw material and carried away with the carbon dioxide. When the pressure of carbon dioxide is lowered to the point where it becomes a gas again in the holding tanks, the extract is left behind. The carbon dioxide gas is pumped thru the system again to be repressurized and make the circle again and again. This extract is pure Saw Palmetto extract and then is sent to the lab for testing to ensure it meets various specifications, and total fatty acid content of between 85-95%. Rarely, would a batch not meet specifications unless the berries had been picked too green. It is for this reason, that only mature saw palmetto berries should be harvested.

Saw Palmetto products

Below are our Saw Palmetto Products. Our recommended dosage is the 160 mg standardized extract containing 85-95% fatty acids and sterols taken twice daily for a total daily dosage of 320 mg. Our company also offers the 320 mg softgel, which is a once a day dosage form.

Other traditional uses of saw palmetto include, natural breast enlargement or natural breast enhancement pills formulated to promote breast growth in females.

Saw Palmetto has also been used as an ingredient in Shampoo's intended as a aid to slow genetic alopecia and promote hair regrowth. The Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company presently manufactures a saw palmetto shampoo

Saw Palmetto Products
Softgels contain 85-95% saw palmetto extract.
Capsules are ground saw palmetto berries that contain 10-12% fatty acids.
100 500mg softgel berry powder.gif 500mg capsules
Each saw palmetto capsule contains 500 mg of ground saw palmetto powder meeting the guidelines pertaining to minimum fatty acids as defined in the United States Pharmacopeial. (USP) This is pure saw palmetto with no additives and is rich in fatty acids and sterols
500 mg usp 100's $5.99
500 mg usp 250's $9.99


60 160mg softgels.gif 160mg softgels
Each saw palmetto softgel contains 160 mg of 85-95% fatty acids and sterols. (equivalent to 1600 mg of powder).
160 mg softgels 60's $8.99
160 mg softgels 180's $18.99


30x320mg softgels.gif 320mg softgels
Each saw palmetto softgel contains 320 mg of 85-95% fatty acids and sterols. (equivalent to 3200 mg of powder). Recommended Dosage: One once a day.
320 mg softgels 30's $7.99
320 mg softgels 90's $17.99


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